Kitchen Remodeling Gaithersburg MD

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Kitchen Remodeling Gaithersburg MD

The kitchen is the most important gathering space in the house for many families, and each owner has a unique vision of what their dream kitchen looks like. Whether you’re interested in a sleek, modern design, something more traditional, or something in between, the expert team at AC Painting & Remodeling will ensure that every detail matches your style and needs. We handle every piece of your project, from floors and cabinets to plumbing and appliances, so everything fits together perfectly.

There are many different aspects to consider when planning your dream kitchen, from seating to appliances to storage space, the options are endless! Here are some of the features you might think deeply about before starting your Arlington kitchen remodel project:

Kitchen cabinets

Almost everyone has a preference. Whether you want white painted Shaker-style cabinets or natural walnut slab cabinets, whatever, we will make it happen. AC Painting & Remodeling now has a line of custom cabinets to suit all needs. We’ll walk you through all the cabinet features so we can find a combination to suit your style.


Perfect countertops for the kitchen

There are numerous options available for countertops; You can choose something classic like marble or granite or go more modern with artificial quartz. Or you can get the best of both worlds with durable quartz that looks like natural stone. Our designers will guide you through the basics of the countertop and help you select the option that brings the entire kitchen design together.

Kitchen appliances

Every family uses their kitchen differently, so we’ll make sure the appliances in your remodeled kitchen fit your needs. From gas or induction stoves to double ovens and wine coolers, we’ll make your kitchen dreams come true!

Kitchen floors

Whether you want to renovate your current floor or replace it entirely, choosing a beautiful material for your floors is a must. Some options to consider include hardwood, porcelain tile, natural stone, or laminate. If you have pets, we will find a solution that resists wear and tear and is easy to clean.

Kitchen accessories

Have you thought about what kind of hardware you want in your cabinets or what kind of cabinet accessories would make it easier to prepare your food? All the little details make a design perfect, and we will offer you our guidance throughout the design process.

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