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When it comes to Home Renovations/Remodeling, we are simply the most considerate in pricing.

Home Remodeling takes know-how and inspiration. At AC Painting & Remodeling you’ll find reliable and affordable renovation services and great advice from the leaders in the field. It’s everything that you need.


We offer our customers a comprehensive, responsible and top quality service in home remodeling, customizing our designs to fit a set budget. We also count on the technical advice according to your requirements. That way we can provide you with information to your liking and that adapts to the specific needs of your family.

Our services are guaranteed by the professionalism of our team in the different trades of construction, directing the work from the planning to the last detail of the project. Additionally, we understand the commitments acquired with each client, basing our relationship on absolute professionalism and mutual trust.

If you already have the remodeling project for your home but need a company to carry it out… Ask yourself it the investment is accurate if it will add the value to your home that you are expecting? Well, if the answer is “yes.” Do not wait any longer, with the experience and professionalism of AC Painting & Remodeling you will finally get the house of your dreams. We offer many solutions so you can remodel your home once and for all. If you are interested in improving the appearance of your home we can prepare a budget adapted to your needs.

Kitchen Remodeling

Do you want to remodel your kitchen?

Contact AC Painting & Remodeling (301) 366-7726, renovation specialists in Gaithersburg MD, and surrounding areas.

If your kitchen is out of style, it has little light, or the distribution is not the most appropriate… Encourage a change of image! Transform it into a totally new one, illuminated, elegant, and comfortable to make those exquisite dishes comfortably.

Bathroom Remodeling

Change your current bathroom for a more modern one. Change that floor that has been stained over time. Give your bath personality and improve its appearance, with an anti-slip grade to avoid possible accidents.

For many people, the bathroom is the ideal area where they can perform activities such as meditation and relaxation, submerge in that bubbly tub with an original design where you can pamper yourself. 

Basement Remodeling

If your desire is to go down into the basement and get away from the world to take some time to relax, convert your basement into the best space of your home, carpet, wooden furniture, television, seats … Everything here is valid, it could become your new improvised office, or it could be the most suitable place to put that pool table that you love so much but cannot fit elsewhere in your house. Tell us your idea and we will make it come true.

Room Additions

To be able to feel good and give your best during the day, it is essential to have a rest and even better if you do it in a cozy, pleasant room where every morning you feel that you wake up in a little piece of the terrestrial sky.


You are thinking of creating divisions in your room, fixing uneven walls or in poor condition, coatings, paint … Whatever you think we do for you!


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