Floor service tips, there are several types of floor services, either repair or new installation. Although it is often not so easy to choose a contractor to carry out the project. Because of the fact that we do not know how he works and if he is responsible and sincere with what he promises. Remember that it is necessary to verify that he works as he says, whether with images of completed projects. The floor is very important for the home, because it gives us a cleaner environment. There are different types of floor design that you can install in your home, the design that you like the most.


The floors have been around for a long time, now there is a variety of attractive flooring materials that are durable and comfortable. The types of floors are resin, vinyl, reclaimed wood and ceramic tiles, among others.


It is a thermosetting plastic coating that hardens when mixed with other substances. Which influences the perfect leveling of the floor. This resin floor was used only in industries. It began to be used in homes and in places such as clinics, hospitals, restaurants, kitchens, among others.


It is used especially in rooms such as kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms that are usually wet. It also provides a warmer environment under the feet than other floors such as stone or ceramic tiles.


It is one of the most popular flats, as it fits perfectly. The reclaimed wood floors can come from gym floors, old wine boxes or even wooden pallets.


Ceramic is one of the best choices, has been one of the basic elements throughout history. For the coating of walls and floors for its high resistance and ease when cleaning. As much as in private spaces as in large public areas.

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