Exterior Commercial Painting is a hard and challenging job. Obviously, painting any building can present many challenges. Having the rights tools and equipment can make the project advance without problems. When painting the exterior of your building you will need strong and durable brushes, sandpaper, detergent, elevated scaffolding, a power washer and even a knife, among other things.
Previously to painting a commercial building you will need to know and have a definite idea of what will be alluring to your potential customers or existing clients.
At the end of the idea, painting a building has a process, and the process is quite simple and you should stick to it.
Remove any paint from the building that’s chipping bad peeling.
Clean the dust and grease off the walls with a cleaning solution.
Use a power washer to really clean the exterior of the building.
Once the building dries, repair any cracks that you may see and smooth out with sandpaper before you begin painting.
Only began painting after everything is completely dry.

Plan on Hiring, consider the following when estimating the cost of a commercial painting job:

The size of the area (multiply the height by the length of each wall. Then, add the figures obtained to get the total square footage. You must also measure the areas you don’t need to paint, such as windows and doors, and subtract their total square footage from the total square footage of outside walls).

Determine the amount of paint needed (one gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet of even surface and 300 square feet of a textured surface).

Calculate the total cost for materials (good-quality exterior paint costs about $25 to $40 per gallon, add brushes, rollers, paint trays, and drop cloths).

Determine labor cost (consider getting more than one estimate, and remember cheap is not always better nor is expensive).

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