Basement Remodeling. The basement should not be an abandoned place where we only keep boxes or tools that are occupied once a time. A basement can transform it into a fun area, for children or even for you and your friends. Therefore, you can make your basement one more bedroom or a new playroom. Or simply a quiet place to relax and rest without interruption.

A decoration in the basement is one of the best ways to improve the quality of our basement. However, a basement has unique characteristics that must be considered to guarantee the functions of the place. Meanwhile, the common problems that owners find with remodeling ideas is limited height. Many basements have a lower ceiling than the average measurement of the exterior roofs of homes.

Basement common spaces

Rooms: for a guest who lives outside the city, your teenager who wants more privacy or a suite for in-laws.

Bathrooms: from the basic bathrooms to the luxury spa, such as steam baths and showers, heated floors.

Game rooms: for pool tables, ping-pong tables, table football and old arcade games.

TV areas: from TV entertainment areas to high-end movie theaters.

Wet bars: from small drink centers to elaborate tailored homemade pubs.

Additional rooms: craft rooms, children’s playrooms and home offices.

Specialty items: fireplaces, custom wine cellars, custom ceilings, custom built-in wardrobes, crown molding and crown molding.

Exercise rooms: from rubber floors to wall-to-wall mirrors and bright lighting.

Basement Professional Remodeling

There are a series of steps that go into the process of professional basement finishing. When you work with a real team of experts, that means you have nothing to worry about. The professionals will guide you through the process so you know what you are doing and what you are paying. Must include:

Caring for the requirements of the code. Preparing the walls for humidity control. Resolve any pre-existing moisture concerns. Choosing the ideal lighting for the space. Try to find home solutions to hide cabling, pipes, etc.

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